Our journey begins at about 6a.m. when one of our guides picks you up at your hotel. En route to Turrialba we will pass by the old capital of Costa Rica, the city of Cartago, where we stop to appreciate the beautiful Basilica de Los Angeles, one of the most significant churches in Costa Rica and from there we will pass by several different types of coffee and sugar cane plantations, the traditional lifeblood of the region. Beneath a beautiful view of the Turrialba Volcano we will stop to enjoy a typical breakfast in the Restaurant “La Cocina de Betty”. After breakfast we continue our journey until we reach our starting point on the Pacuare. Our equipment and the rest of our guides will be waiting there to start our adventure, but not before a thorough safety talk. Once on the river we will move quickly through a variety of Class III and IV rapids, but not before making a stop in order to take photographs, enjoy a tropical fruit snack, and make a short side hike to appreciate the beauty of a nearby waterfall! Roughly an hour and a half into the trip, a large waterfall on the right marks the entrance into a canyon and the start of the two most significant rapids of the first half of the run, Upper and Lower Huacas. If you manage to catch your breath amidst all the action, you’ll be treated to the most dramatic scenery of the entire trip, including an 80ft waterfall that drops directly into the river, separating upper and lower Huacas. After conquering Huacas, we continue on down the river, and hopefully catch a glimpse of the exotic wildlife that roams the area. Still with 16km of continuous whitewater left, including such memorable rapids as Pinball, Cimarrones, and Dos Montañas you will certainly have no shortage of excitement! You’ll know it’s time to relax when the group enters a dramatic but tranquil canyon, where everyone can enjoy a dip in the river or perhaps even a waterfight. From there, it’s a quick float to our facility in Siquirres, where you will be invited to rinse off and change into dry clothes before we enjoy a delicious buffet style, costa rican lunch. During lunch you will have an opportunity to purchase photographs of your trip to take home with you as a souvenir of your incredible adventure in the Pacuare River, before heading back to San Jose, with an estimated arrival time of 5:30 - 6:00 pm. What to bring : Tennis shoes or strap sandals,Change of clothing: a light cotton shirt, lightweight fabric shorts and bathing suit (optional), One towel,Waterproof sunscreen (optional),Hat (optional). Necessary medications for on the river in a waterproof container, Please communicate any specific needs and medications to your guide before the trip.

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