Our journey begins at 7am at the door of your hotel, where we will pick you up and head to our staging area in Guayabo. Once there, one of the guides will give a safety talk, while his teammate prepares the horses and equipment. Once we begin riding through the rainforest, we will be surrounded by a diverse array of flora and fauna. These lands are steeped in the legends of the indigenous tribes that once inhabited this place, leaving a rich legacy. After riding for about 1 hour 45 minutes, we will arrive at the house of a friendly family of local farmers, where we will leave our horses and begin hiking towards the waterfall. At La Muralla, we’ll have a chance to rest, take some pictures, and swim in the pool below the falls. After enjoying this beautiful place, we’ll head back to where we left our horses, where a delicious lunch will be waiting for us. Afterwards, we’ll relax by visiting a nearby butterfly garden with a diverse array of beautiful species and a knowledgeable guide. Then we will start riding back, returning to your hotel around 4:30 pm.

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